10 Key Features of Successful Mobile Apps

There is no doubt that the world is going mobile. According to some stats, there will be more than 6 billion smartphone and mobile device users by 2020. This is something that marketers and business owners cannot ignore. One way to benefit from this trend is to invest in mobile apps. A good mobile app can promote your business or work in the best way. However, before you decide to get an app, you must consider all the features that will make your mobile app successful. We will now point out that 10 most important features.

10 Key feature of succesful Mobile App

  1. A good app takes the user into consideration

A good mobile app development company always has the user into consideration when they are making the app. Of course, they will listen to the business owner’s requests, but they will also do some research and analyze the target group and their behavior before they design the final look of the app.

  1. Fast loading

Just like in the cases of websites, a mobile app can be successful only if it is loading fast. More than 50% of users will stop using your app if it doesn’t load fast enough (usually, in less than 5 seconds). This is especially true when it comes to mobile games development.

  1. Works well on the selected OS

As you are probably aware, there are many different operating systems used by mobile devices. It doesn’t really matter whether you are interested in iPhone app development or android app development you will need a mobile app that works well on the adequate platform.

  1. Consistent and stable

A consistent and stable app is a successful app and if you want to be sure that your app possesses these qualities your app must be tested thoroughly. The app shouldn’t use much of the CPU and it should not crash.

  1. No advertisement

Of course, we are talking about advertisement that leads to something that has no connection with your business or goal. This is typical for free, DIY apps. Professional apps are free of ads.

  1. Practical

The fact is that there are thousands of apps on the market. So, if you want your app to be successful it must be unique to some extent. Make your app practical and functional. Even if it is a game, make it look different and add some special features that cannot be found elsewhere.

  1. Intuitive user interface

Using a mobile device is practical, but the display is limited, so the interface must be practical and must contain intuitive buttons. Try to get intuitive user interface that will help users find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds.

  1. Focused

The mobile app must be focused on only one niche/industry. Adding features that have nothing to do with the original intention of the app will make users confused and they will soon lose interest in using the app.

  1. Shareable

We live in an age where everything that is worth our attention is shared. So, the mobile app you have must have features that will allow users to share the content. It is also a good idea to reward the users for sharing your app.

  1. Targeted

Finally, don’t forget to do a research and include features and design suitable for the audience you are targeting.

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