7 Mistakes to Avoid While Designing an Mobile App

7 Mistakes to Avoid While Designing an Mobile App

Every good mobile app developer constantly learns how to create the best apps avoiding the common deficit. How can you be up to date with the current methodologies and ensure that the app is bug free?

There are two ways to learn. One is from the experience of developing an mobile app and the other from other developer’s mistakes. Obviously, the second way is much better. There are a few common mistakes that an mobile app developer must know about in advance, and avoid them.

7 Mistakes to Avoid While Designing an Mobile App
7 Mistakes to Avoid While Designing an Mobile App

Here are the seven mistakes to avoid while designing an mobile app.

1. Do not start without a flowmap

The idea alone isn’t enough to induce started. you want to have well thought out the flow to travel with before you start your styles and wireframes. Even with simple mobile apps, you must consider flow map. Flow map ensures you have got a direction for all of your designing steps. It conjointly provides you a thought however your guidance structure can look before you start the look. you will have a design that will leave your users confused.

2. Do not underestimate the development budget

Every style goes through the development stage, wherever time is money. If the app developer takes longer, it prices extra money – businesses looking to develop apps can invariably need it to be price effective. Any easy amendment in style could need the developer to pay hours to bring on that amendment. Hence, watch out for over-defining the practicality of the look. To avoid this error invariably involve the app developers into the decision-making method.

3. Do not design for low resolutions

Though most designers are aware of it, it’s still necessary to say now. invariably produce apps keeping in mind prime quality resolution, membrane displays, and pixel-dense screens. After this, you’ll scale all the way down to the desired resolution. presently there many screen resolutions for designers to alter. Hence, begin with high resolution so scale it down. Use vector graphics instead of victimization bitmaps or rasterized graphics.

4. Do not use intro animation

Users area unit impatient; even few seconds of intro animation can irritate them. once users launch the app for the primary time, the intro animation could also be a decent plan however launching it when users access the app could be a dangerous expertise for the user. even though you utilize one, build it refined and fast. Moreover, build it appealing in order that the user finds it to be value further few seconds. Avoid glitches and build at as swish as potential.

5. Do not leave users waiting

Longer loading times will leave a foul impression to the user. they may suppose the app is out of whack. Use some animations or clear indicators of stages, that shows that the app is functioning. However, visit your developer initial as a result of it would be an additional work for the developer to trace the method and indicate for users.

6. Do not over-stuff screens

While coming up with for prime PPI screens, you will be tempted to suit a lot of practicality or interfaces. particularly with 27-inch high-resolution show, the user might imagine the area is underused. The soft app are going to be troublesome to navigate. Again, it involves the need of users that’s to own fast navigation. forever tests your styles on actual devices, even though it’s screen grab, it’ll provide you with a much better plan.

7. Do not forget about the fast growing gesture interface

A simple gesture will do the foremost simple of tasks that otherwise may take very little navigation on the a part of users. for example, in iPhone, the user will swipe on a message to reveal delete button within the inbox. currently there square measure many gestures square measure well-liked within the market that users sensors of the phones. try and produce your own however don’t complicate them.

With all the steps, it comes down considering every aspects and step in detail before you begin the mobile app development process. Twistfuture Software expert developers are waiting to help you, any day anytime. In other words, no matter where you are, we’re local. Feel free to drop on by, email us at info@twistfuture.com or call us on 011-41328844 today. Get started right away.

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