Why Mobile Users Uninstall Their Apps?

8 Reasons Why Mobile Users Uninstall Their Apps?

Developing mobile applications and games have become a very competitive business now a days. So many developers across the world are involved in development of mobile applications. All of them want their apps and games to capture the top slot of app stores where majority of downloads happen.

Mobile application developers try and understand the users interests and needs before developing the apps so that their apps get installs. Developers research the reasons of why users install any particular app. But there is another important question that that the developer should try and find the answer for.

Why does the user uninstall mobile applications. This question is a very important question as it can provide the application developer reasons of app uninstall and how to avoid that.

Why Mobile Users Uninstall Their Apps?
Why Mobile Users Uninstall Their Apps?

Here are a few of the most common reasons because of which the user uninstall the mobile applications:

1. The Application Lies: When a user downloads any particular app he does so by reading the Title and description of the app and expects to find the same features in the app when he installs it. If the application does not fulfil the promises that it had made in it’s description and graphics then the user uninstalls the application. Also it can create a negative mouth to mouth publicity for the developer and even his next products can suffer due to this error.

2. App Is Slow or Freezes: Mobile users are not very patient users. Their attension span is very low and they want things to run smoothly and fast on their phones. If your application is slow or freezes while functioning there can be nothing more irritating for the user than this. This error will certainly lead to uninstallation of the application. A survey found out that 79 percent of the users would try once or twice if their app failed to work while only 16 percent would try more than two times. Therefore, it is important that the app is tested and bugs fixed before its release.

3. Too much Battery Consumption: If your mobile application consumes too much battery life of the users phone he is bound to uninstall it sooner or later. Smartphones are already prone to lower battery lives due to so many functions constantly working in the background. And if your application sucks the users phone battery dry he will certainly not like it.

4. Too many advertisements: For Application developers advertising revenue is the major way to earn money from their mobile applications. The number of downloads that free apps get in comparison to free apps id huge. So in the effort of earning more and more money from the app the developers sometimes put a lot of advertisements in the app. The user also understands the need of the developer to earn money and is fine with the advertisements but when the advertisements hinders the functioning of the app and start distracting the user he simply uninstall the app.

5. Collecting Personal Data without Consent: Some applications require user’s personal data to run effectively. These apps include social networking app or multiplayer games. But before taking user’s personal data the developer have to make sure that the consent of the user is taken. Some apps run some programs in the background and access personal data of the user from it’s device without asking him. The user in this case becomes irritating and uninstalls the app.

6. Too many notifications: Sending notifications to the user is an amazing way for the developer to keep in touch with his user and updating them of the new features and services that you are coming up with. But when the app start sending too many and unnecessary notifications that it starts distracting the user then the user can uninstall your app. So be very careful about the nature and content of the notification you send to the user.

7. Forced Logins and takes long to Login: Some applications require the user to login to access the app. The developers make the user fill a login form to do that. But if the form is too long to fill or it asks for information that the user do not wants to give due to privacy concerns than the user will not move forward and will instead uninstall the app. So if it is necessary for you to make the user login then keep the process simple.

8. Keeping in touch: User expects the developer to provide proper service for the product that the user is using. If the user emails or comments about some issue or error in your app please take it seriously and explain or rectify it as soon as possible. Please keep on communicating with the user or the user will loose his patience and punish you by uninstalling your app.

These are a few reasons which can lead to the uninstalling of your app. After spending a lot of time in developing and promoting our apps we should keep in mind these reasons and should try to avoid these. After all we all as developers want users to use and keep our apps on their devices for a long time.

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