Android App Development Tips Which You Should Know

Twistfuture Software Pvt Ltd is a mobile development company which extends its professional services worldwide. Our services include Android app development, iPhone app development and mobile games developments. Our team of professionals conducts research and analysis to meet your app development requirements. Android, is fastest growing mobile operating system developed by Google and its innovative and user friendly applications, made it popular among the smart phone users. If you want to be an Android app developer, you should know some tips which will be helpful to make your app gain its due attention.

Android App Development                                                      

Adhere to Android design guidelines

For Android app development, Google has given a comprehensive set of guidelines to follow. You, as a developer must follow those guidelines because it will help the users to understand how your application work but will also make their experience enjoyable. The purpose of giving a set of instruction is to make the working of all the apps, similar and to ensure that Android applications jointly behave as one.

Keep applications updated

Android app developers should be aware that Google timely releases, new updates to its current SDK. Therefore the developers should consider new design techniques and apply them in the development of their apps. So, to remain competitive and gain the appreciation of the users, the developer must implement new feature and keep their app updated in line with the Android operating system.

Pay attention to your users

Android app development is not a one time job. If your app has gained popularity among the users, you must not sit back and enjoy, but you should be on your guard and always listen to your users for any possible improvement. Users love when the developers pay heed to their feedback and complaints and are eager to improve the experience of using the developed app. The users will continue using your app if they feel their input is valuable to you and the developer made necessary improvements.

Be a part of Android community

Surprisingly, one finds that the Android app developer is not an android user himself. So in order to immerse yourself fully in the Android operating system and gain insight of its working, you should be an active part of Android community, such as Google+, Android Developers, Android Studio and Android App Design. Also the developer must use the Android device himself and should be aware of the ongoing changes and updates which can help in the development of their app.

Limit advertisement placement

Although as a developer it is your right to earn money, but it can be done by limiting advertisement placement and frequency. Users get annoyed if they are bombarded with advertisement while using a certain app and it can be a major turn off. Therefore Android app developers can take an alternative route to earn money by using in app purchases since user do not mind to paying for a good app.

Android app development is overall a creative experience which can pay you a good deal of money if you succeed in developing a unique and user friendly app. These tips will help you in developing an Android application.

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