Best Other App Stores

Best Other App Stores You Must Know About

While it’s prudent for organizations to promote their apps in the largest and most popular app stores, it’s value keeping in mind the advantages of listing your apps in different marketplaces which will be less standard by the general public but are still serious contenders.

If you are an Android app developer and you want to publish your app the obvious choice is Google Play store which offers yearly membership for 25$. But if you want to increase the visibility of your app there are few more best other app stores which you can explore.

Best Other App Stores

Best App Stores:

1. Amazon Appstore

Meet one of Google’s greatest competitors, Amazon. Amazon offers the Kindle Fire and, more recently, the Fire Phone, Android powered devices that run a custom flavor of Android, Fire OS. Despite the custom operating system, a large chunk of Android apps will run fine on Fire OS. If yours doesn’t, then it will probably only take a few tweaks to get it up and running.

You can also publish HTML5 and web apps on the Amazon Appstore. It currently contains more than 240,000 apps and they have a free app of the day feature. Take a look at Amazon’s developer portal to get started.

2. SlideME

One of the oldest Android app marketplaces, older than Google Play, SlideME is installed on more than half of Android devices without Google Play. SlideMe takes a fee of 20% and offers a wide range of payment options, including PayPal, which Google Play doesn’t offer. In some cases, putting your Android app for sale on SlideME can result in more downloads than you’d get on Google Play, so it’s definitely worth a try.

3. 1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market only accepts free apps, but that doesn’t mean you should discard it as an alternative to Google Play. Uploading apps is free, but there is an approval process your app has to pass through. This shouldn’t be an issue as long as your app doesn’t contain malware.

1Mobile Market claims to have more than 100 million installs with more than 800,000 apps listed. Users are offered recommendations based on their preferences, which is great to discover new apps.

4. Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of Android phones and it also has it’s own app store, Samsung Galaxy Apps. It is installed on all Samsung Galaxy series devices and therefore has a large user base. The only downside is the fairly small number of apps available on the store, about 13,000 in 2011.

5. Mobile9

Mobile9 has more than 40 million active users, so it’s another option worth considering. Users can share and comment on the apps they have installer, similar to a social network for apps. Another upside is that publishing apps is free. With more than 200 million downloads per month and only 30,000 developers, it’s definitely worth a try.

6. Opera Mobile Store

Publishing apps is free on the Opera Mobile Store, but developers only get 70% of the revenue from paid apps. Opera has an agreement with Yandex, Russia’s biggest search engine, which allows Opera’s apps to be shown in the Yandex App Store and vice versa. There are around 200,000 apps and the store receives more than 100 million visitors per month with 2 million apps downloaded per day.

7. Mobango

Publishing apps on Mobango is also free. With millions of users and top apps generating thousands of downloads every day, Mobango is a good choice for publishing your app. There are currently 100,000 apps in the Mobango app store.

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