How to Build a Mobile App in Just 5 Steps?

How to Build a Mobile App in Just 5 Steps?

Mobile app development is a multi-step process, and a team effort. But from a broad perspective, it is fairly straightforward. There aren’t a lot of caveats or pitfalls. In essence the process goes: you have an idea, you hand it over to a mobile app developer, they develop it, But ideally you’ll be a lot more involved than that! It’s your mobile app, after all. So let’s take a closer look at the process and see what your role will be.

How to Build a Mobile App in Just 5 Steps?
How to Build a Mobile App in Just 5 Steps?

1. Concept

Building a design document and fleshing out your app idea is the first milestone along the path to completion. You’ll obviously be vital to this since you are the source of the core idea, but you’ll be assisted by mobile app development experts who can translate your ideas into a solid outline of the user experience, functions, and principles of the project. Our technical experts will ensure everything is feasible with the available technologies, budgets, and timelines, though there is no need to detail the exact technologies powering the project at this stage.

2. Design

Once the concept document is created, designers can get to work building wireframes to determine the layout of the user interface. You’ll have a lot of input here in getting the layout to conform to your vision of the user experience and creating the app’s logo, fonts, and a general color scheme to unify the visuals. When the wireframes are complete and the layout is dialed in, work can begin creating the full visual assets: backgrounds, buttons, graphics, and images. All of this together will ensure your app is beautiful, organized, and easy to use.

3. Programming

The programmers begin work. Our technical leads outline the technologies needed, and work begins to create the content flow and functionality. Our mobile app developers will then put the app through a several rounds of rigorous Quality Assurance and bug fixing to clean up the experience and ensure everything works properly. We’ll send builds to you to evaluate as we bring it closer and closer to completion, and once you’re satisfied with the product, we’ll move on to launch. Create your First Android Application – Tutorial

4. Launch

When your mobile app is deemed complete, it’s time to submit the build to the app store. In rare cases, apps are not approved—for the most part this means a few minor tweaks are needed (for instance, tweaking the app’s name, moving a button, etc.). A more significant issue, like having a core function that violates the app store’s terms, will never happen because we wouldn’t even start the project knowing that approval would be impossible.

5. Marketing

Marketing is a must for every app. You’ll need to build a website for the app (a small, one page site will often work fine), and establish social media pages on relevant sites. These assets will be important for driving traffic via SEO, social media sharing, and paid ad campaigns. You may also want to start a blog, or put up content on sites such as SlideShare. These kinds of items will have high sharability and can help you reach a larger audience.


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