How to Invest in Android App Development Successfully?

How to Invest in Android App Development Successfully?

Entrepreneurs, Startup : Looking for mobile app development and are confused about finding the magic ingredients for success? Less than half of the app that makes it to the app market are successful, and you will need to have a good strategy in place to make your mark.

How to Invest in Android App Development Successfully?
How to Invest in Android App Development Successfully?

The Mantra to Success
“Money makes Money” – you need to money invest money smartly and intelligently. How does your business plan on getting mobile app development kicked off? A proper research is always useful in aiming for the maximum. How to Get Funding to Build Your Mobile App?

Before knowing how to invest, you need to give a thought on why to invest. Here are some of the points which will clear any doubt of yours regarding, “why to invest in Android App Development”.

Android was perhaps the first OS to bring about a revolutionary change in the mobile industry, helping smartphones be accessible to everyone. Being open source and cheap, it attracts customers and is the most popular platform today surpassing even iOS. Android occupies more than 80% of the total market share of smartphones and considering this, experts find Android as the most suitable platform for establishing connectivity with the users.

How does Google Stand Out for App Developers?

For app developers, the presence of Google at back end strengthens the platform and a brilliant 24X7 support makes the maintenance of apps easy. Above all, the entry fees to Android market are very low as compared to the other platforms. Google Play Store charges only few dollars from the developer, and that too for life time, while on the other hand, developers need to pay around a hundred dollars per year (approx) for publishing the apps in Apple’s App store. For this purpose, the Android market can seem more lucrative.

How Do You Invest?

The only investment in Android App Development is the fees charged by the developer. To make it a successful investment, you must enquire about the mobile app developer, before signing the deal. This can be easily done by speaking to the other clients of the developer (whose testimonials are written on developer’s site), and asking them about the expertise, services, timely deliveries, innovativeness, maintenance, professional behavior, and non-disclosure agreement; amongst other factors. Remember to make all these points clear with the developer before you decide to invest.

App Development in Android

The time required to develop mobile apps in Android is relatively lower most of the times. More, your developer might not know Swift 2, Apple’s new programming language well, but they sure do know about the Android framework API’s that can take advantage of C and C++ libraries. In fact, Android libraries include the SGL Graphics Engine and 3D libraries and can help in easy app development. Mobile developers can replicate codes easily and offer better performance and security. Porting of apps is easy as well and the ROI is often high if you’re developing a freemium model.

There is a thorough testing environment as well – every mobile app development project involves different stages from programming, testing to implementation. As an mobile app developer, you need to easily integrate the various mobile apps into the different smartphone features easily. Invest in best mobile app development company to get the best results.

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