Maang Patta Indian Cards Game

Maang Patta Indian Cards Game Newly launch by Twistfuture

No matter that country you belong to or which age you belong to, you can use the online card games to pass your free time using the many numbers of online websites. People can find many numbers of different websites offering the many numbers of various games to pass the time. Some of the games can also be connected to the social networking website so that people can enjoy playing cards games with their friends such as Facebook online games free. Playing the online card games is one the most loved games.

Maang Patta Indian Cards Game

Twistfuture has gone live with its new playing cards game called Maang Patta – Indian Cards Game. The game is live on Google Play and is expected to go live soon on iTunes as well. one of the best efforts from mobile game developers of Twistfuture Software Pvt Ltd.

Maang Patta is an Indian Cards Game which has been played in India and the Indian sub-continent for decades. Maang Patta is a very simple to learn and fun to play Multiplayer Cards Game. Play Maang Patta with your friends and family online or with other online players from world over.

Game Features:
• Easy to learn, highly addictive multiplayer cards game!
• Invite friends and family or play with online players worldwide!
• Use a variety of game boosts to enhance your winning chances!
• Play online multiplayer matches over 3G or Wi-Fi!
• Login using your Facebook account and play with your Facebook friends!

How to Play:
Maang Patta is a simple yet very interesting card game.
• This game can be played with minimum 2 and maximum 5 players.
• From a deck of card every player can select their choice of a single card.
• After the round of betting is completed the operator will start dealing the cards.
• The player whose card comes first while dealing will win the hand.
• Players can also use game boosters to increase their chance of winning.

Other amazing game features:
• Free 10,000 chips everyday with DAILY BONUSES
• Choose from a wide variety of avatars or import your own picture from Facebook.
• Invite and play with your friends from Facebook and other players.

With the modern technology and the gadgets like the computers, laptops, Smartphone’s, tablets, and iPad people can enjoy their favorite games in the comfort of their home or office. People can even play the card games like game Maang Patta while they are traveling to their destinations. While playing the card games online, people will not have to spend even single penny from their pocket.

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