The Android App Development you Need

We live in a world of smart technology and gadgets. All spheres of life have become dependent on technology and it’s almost impossible to imagine day to day life without using our phones, laptops and other gadgets that make life simpler. Be it for connectivity, planning or basic organizational activities, one cannot deny the ease and convenience these gadgets have bought into our life. All smart gadgets, come up with app developments from time to time. These are especially developed to add to the user experience and bring in a host of advantages and benefits for its users. Be it a mobile development company, a windows app development, android or iPhone app development, the basic foundation of all of these is upon heightening the user’s experience. One such revolutionary android app development comes in the form of Android Marshmallow. For all the android users, if you haven’t upgraded yourself to the Android Marshmallow here’s why you should do it immediately-

Why should you upgrade to Android Marshmallow?

  • USB Type-C: This is a revolution when it comes to connections!
  • Better Storage: Unlike earlier all your added storage will now be used as a part of the phone and not as a separate entity.
  • Android Pay: you can now store your card information in a secure manner and use it for all your online payments.
  • UI Tuner: No need to see what you don’t want to, you can now choose what information is to be displayed on your system tray.
  • Copy Paste: The very important and overly used task of copy pasting items gets better and improved.
  • Enhanced browsing experience: with the facility of creating custom tabs you can store passwords and enhance your browsing experience.
  • Lockscreen Message: You can now personalize your phone by adding personalized messages to the lockscreen; you could add quotes, reminders, anything!
  • Better Managed Storage: Managing your ever increasing need for storage becomes better and much easier with the Android marshmallow.
  • Better App Experience: the app experience becomes faster, convenient and much smoother with this upgrade.
  • Fingerprint protected: not just your phone, you can now make even your apps fingerprint sensitive. Talk about better privacy!

Well, if this is not enough reason to upgrade to the Android Marshmallow, there are actually some more features that come with it! it’s a whole new world of Android app development that makes your user experience so much better! Get to it today!

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