What does it take to successfully publish your app on Google Play

Google Play is the app store for over 1 billion active Android users. Publishing your app in Google Play provides you with a large potential user base and revenue opportunities. We will discuss the step-by-step procedure to publish your app on Google Play.


You should ensure that the country of your residence allow merchant accounts if you want to publish a paid app (Otherwise you can skip this step).For example, South Africa doesn’t support merchant accounts which means a South African developer can only publish free apps with no in-app transactions.

Step 2.

Ensure that your app complies with Developer Content Policy of Google Play. You can scroll through Developer Content Policy and Google Play Developer Help Center for more information on terms and conditions. Apps violating terms and conditions can be suspended and repeat offences can cause termination of the developer account.

Step 3.

If your app fulfils the criterion mentioned in aforementioned steps, you can proceed to register for Google Play Publisher Account. You can use your personal e-mail account but creating separate publisher account is recommended. And to do that,

  1. Go to Google Play Developer Console.
  2. Enter your name, email address etc. Information entered for registration can be modified later if required.
  3. Read and accept the Developer Distribution Agreement for your country or region and check compliance of your product with the Developer Program Policies and US export law.
  4. Pay one-time registration fee of $25 using Google payments.
  5. It takes about two days to verify your registration after which you will be notified by e-mail. Once registered, you can publish as many apps you want.

Step 4.

For selling paid apps, in-app products or subscriptions, you will need a payments merchant account. If you don’t intend to charge your app, skip this step. You can set up your merchant account anytime. Just sign into Google Play Developer Console and open Financial Reports on the side navigation and click on Setup A Merchant Account Now button. Feed the information to complete the step.

Step 5.

Use Store Listing to promote your app. Add a description, at least two screenshots (maximum eight), a high-resolution icon, a feature graphic and a promo graphic. You can also add videos and contact details. This section is update able.

Step 6.

Select the category of your app and if the app is Paid or Free under Pricing and Distribution. Set the price in US Dollar or local currency. Pricing can be changed but note that setting the app as free or paid is permanent.

Step 7.

Check the file size of your app. It is recommended to publish one APK under size 100MB which supports different configurations. But if your app size exceeds 100MB, use multiple APK support.

Step 8.

Decide content rating for your app. Unrated apps can be blocked depending on the territory. The app can be rated as Everyone, Low maturity, Medium maturity and High maturity. Check the Google guide to find the apt rating for your app.

Step 9.

  1. Go to All Applications and select Add New Application.
  2. Select Default Language and enter the Title of your app.
  3. Choose from the Production, Beta, or Alpha channels and select Upload APK. Beta testing is recommended for feedback from end
  4. Upload APK file of your app.

Step 10.

Click on Publish button. Your App will appear on Google Play in few hours.

Step 11.

Create a product video advertisement and use your social media profiles to promote the app several times in a week. This would provide your app added exposure and hence, more downloads. The combination of an innovative app and smart marketing can do wonders for your enterprise.

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